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- When I purchase an image, will it ever be resold to someone else?

No, the image you will purchase is exclusive, which means that the same image will not be sold to another client. 

- When I purchase an image, can I use the image for teasers or swag to promote my book?

Yes, the image may be used for swag, teasers and promotional items, as long as those those items are not being resold for profit. 

- When I purchase an image, can I use the image for audiobooks?

Yes, your exclusive license covers the use of the image for e-books, print copies, audiobooks and translated editions of the book.

- When I purchase an image, will the exclusive license require a renewal?

No, your exclusive license on the image does not expire. There is no threshold or need for renewal after reaching a specific number of sales, because the exclusive license is indefinite. 

- What is the difference between purchasing an exclusive image and purchasing stock?

When you purchase an exclusive image with 6:12 Photography, you are purchasing an image that will be uniquely yours. An exclusive image will be not be resold to any other clients, it will no longer be available for purchase. Whereas, traditional stock images are sold multiple times to a wide number of clients which results in the same stock image showing up on multiple book covers. Purchasing an exclusive image prevents that image from showing up on anyone else's book cover. 

- When I purchase an image, do I have full copyright of the image?

Yes, your exclusive license allows you use of the image for your book cover, but not full copyright. 6:12 Photography retains full copyright, including the ability to use for its own projects or promotional use (prints, calendars, business cards, website, etc) in a manner that doesn't infringe upon the exclusive license you've purchased. 

- When I purchase an image, will other images in the same outfit, same pose or the same location still be available for others to buy?

Yes, you are purchasing the exclusive license rights to one single, particular image. While 6:12 Photography does make an effort to remove any images in the same set of that photo shoot that are deemed to be very similar to the image purchased (based on the photographer's discretion), other images from the same photo shoot that may contain the same outfit, same pose or same location will still be available for others to buy. The same pose or outfit may occur throughout the shoot in different locations and be available for purchase by other clients. 

- When I purchase an image, can I use it on more than one book cover, for a duet or series?

Yes, however, there will be an additional fee to use the image on more than one book cover. To use the same image on a second cover, the cost would be an additional fee of $200. To use the same image on three or more book covers (a series, etc), the cost would be an additional $200 fee for the second book cover, plus an additional $100 fee for any book covers after that (a third, fourth, etc). 


- When I purchase an image, what exactly am I paying?

When you purchase an image from 6:12 Photography, you are buying the exclusive rights to use the image on a book cover, including e-books, print copies, audiobooks and translated versions of the book. 

- I've noticed that your exclusive cover images cost more than stock images. Can you explain the pricing?

Yes, the pricing for exclusive cover images sold by 6:12 Photography is made up of two fees: (1) the photographer/exclusive license fee which is $300 and pays for the photographer's time creating the image as well as the rights to feature the image on your book cover exclusively, and (2) the model fee(s), which is set by the model or their agency to compensate the model for his/her time spent creating the image. Model fees vary by model.

- Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, 6:12 Photography does offer payment plans to help accommodate your budget / finances. A minimum downpayment of $100 is required to place a hold on an image. The remaining amount of the invoice is due within a 4-month period after the first installment. 

- What methods of payment do you accept?

Paypal or Venmo.

- Do I make the full payment to 6:12 Photography or do I pay the model directly?

In most cases, the model is paid directly by you, which means you will make two separate payments (one payment to 6:12 Photography and a separate payment to the model).

- Do you offer refunds?

No, unfortunately, all exclusive images are nonrefundable after purchase. No refunds are given once payment has begun, as allowing clients to refund or swapping out of images could result in missed sale opportunities based on the demand or popularity of the image.