Do you want to be 6:12's next book cover model? 

Are you a current or aspiring model?

Are you a personal trainer? 

Are you an athlete or fitness-focused? 

Are you a couple looking to model together? 

6:12 Photography is looking for NEW models to be featured on the book covers of authors all over the country. Photographer Eric McKinney's images have been featured on over 150 exclusive book covers, published both in the United States and internationally. 6:12 Photography is connected with 1000+ authors who write in all genres, including romance, paranormal, suspense, LGBT, and more. 

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Being A Cover Model / Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I get paid for being featured on a book cover?

Yes. When 6:12 Photography sells an exclusive cover image to an author/client, there is always a model fee which is paid directly to the cover model. 

Do I have to be shirtless to be featured on a book cover? 

No, you don't have to be shirtless or show a lot of skin. Some authors prefer cover images that featured models fully-clothed, in business attire, tank tops, t-shirts, etc. However, there are also some authors who prefer to only feature models who are shirtless or showing off their physique on their covers. My recommendation is usually to shoot a mix of fitness (physique-focused, shirtless) as well as fashion (focused on outfits) when we work together. However, that is completely up to the model. 

Do I have to sign any kind of exclusivity contract to become one of 6:12's book cover models? 

No, you don't have to sign any kind of exclusivity contract, and you're still allowed to work with other photographers. However, some models do choose to be featured exclusively at Cover'd by 6:12, which means that I promote their images more heavily than others. If a model chooses to work with other photographers, it doesn't mean that I won't promote that model, it simply means that I won't promote them as heavily as the models' images that I can say are "found only at 6:12." 

How many covers will I sell by being a cover model? 

Unfortunately, that's a question 6:12 Photography can't answer. The number of covers we sell together depends on many factors, including:

(1) the strength of our work together 

(2) your look as a model (your build, eye color, physique, hair color, hairstyle, whether or not you have tattoos, etc) and the number of authors searching for a book cover with that kind of look

(3) the overall variety of the images that we create to offer clients (for example, having only one look such as you in a business suit and no other looks could limit the number of covers sold in comparison to having images that feature you in a business suit, shirt unbuttoned, shirtless, in jeans, in shorts, in a leather jacket, in cowboy attire, etc). 

Where do 6:12's book cover photo shoots take place?

6:12 Photography is based in East Tennessee, in the Morristown/Knoxville area, so shooting locally in East Tennessee is always easier to schedule. However, 6:12 Photography travels all over the country, and even abroad to Europe, for photo shoots, so if you're interested in shooting book cover images and I'm in your area, then that is always a possibility. The best way to determine a location for a 6:12 Cover Model photo shoot is to contact 6:12 Photography by email or DM on social media so that we can discuss locations and see what works for both of us. 

What types of books do the authors that 6:12 is connected with write?

6:12 Photography is connected with over 1,000 authors, who are located all over the United States, Canada, and even abroad. This includes authors who write in a wide variety of genres, including (but not limited to) romance, paranormal romance, YA (young adult), science fiction, romantic suspense, suspense, erotic romance, historical romance, and LGBT romance. 


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